Whether you’ve recently purchased a new home or are looking to enhance your existing property, installing a deck, fence or railing is one of the best things you can do to distinguish and protect your home.  Once you’ve made the decision to do so, the next logical step is to determine which type of material best suits your needs.  For many years, wood was the go-to material of choice.  Today, however, many homeowners are now choosing vinyl composite based on its long list of advantages.

If you’re on the fence (no pun intended) when it comes to choosing between wood and vinyl composite materials for your new deck, railing or fence installation, here are a few things to consider, as well as a handful of reasons why so many homeowners are making the move to vinyl.

  • Vinyl is shown to provide increased strength and durability
  • Can be installed in a vast array of styles, colors and features
  • Vinyl composite doesn’t warp, buckle or splinter like wood
  • Vinyl materials require far less ongoing care and maintenance
  • Offers stunning looks that boost appearance and curb appeal
  • Retains its looks and lasts longer when professionally installed

Regardless of whether you’re considering something simple and affordable, or a fully-customized design that completely transforms the appearance and feel of your home, we invite you to learn more about what makes vinyl such a popular option today.  Elite Fence & Railing is one of the most trusted and experienced installers in the Buffalo and Western NY region, with over 40 years of local service and thousands of satisfied customers.

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