If you’re reading this during the cold of winter, the notion of having a new railing or fence installed might sound a bit unrealistic.  But make no mistake, time has a way of moving quickly and Spring will be here before most realize it.  Wishful thinking, right?  The point to be made, is that winter is a great time to start thinking about what you want from your new fence or railing.  Making such an important last-minute decision can result in years of regret, and there are a number of critical factors to consider.  

As one of the most experienced installers of vinyl railings and fences in Buffalo and Western NY, Elite Fence and Railing thought it would be fitting to review some of the things you should be thinking about now, especially if you’re planning on scheduling installation during early Spring.

  • Have you decided which type of fence or railing material you’d like to have?
  • Will you be installing it yourself or hiring a professional for the installation?
  • Do you know what your town’s policy is when it comes to building permits?
  • Have you set a realistic budget for the installation of your new fence or railing?
  • When are you planning to start? Spring installs book in advance, so this is big.

Of course, the above list only represents a few of the more pressing issues that should always be addressed in advance if you’re planning on having a new fence or railing installed on your property.  For more detailed information and answers to all of your questions, get in touch with the experts at Elite Fence and Railing and we’ll be happy to help.  We’ve been serving Buffalo and Western NY for over 40 years, and can help make sure that all of your bases are covered. 

You can reach Elite Fence and Railing by phone at 716-675-8880 anytime during our regular office hours, or get in touch via email by filling out the short form on our website’s contact page.